Rulex Platform - Release Notes#

Here information about Rulex Platform releases can be found.

Rulex Platform version system is based on four different levels:

  1. Major

  2. Minor

  3. Patch

  4. Build

which make up the string version in the format <major>.<minor>.<patch>-<build>.


In the rest of the page we are going to refer as:

  • Backward compatibility: any result obtained in an older version of the software is supported in the current release.

  • Forward compatibility: any result obtained in the current version of the software is supported in any older release.

Version levels#

The four different version levels are defined as follows:

  • Major: a major version change implies great modifications both to the architectural system and to the graphical user interface. Therefore, backward or forward compatibility may not be as granted. In these cases, backward compatibility is often obtained through dedicated conversions of files, models or data produced from the old Rulex Platform version to the new one.

  • Minor: a minor version change implies modifications to the graphical user interface which may change procedures user performs to obtain a certain result. However, backward compatibility is always guaranteed in a minor change. Forward compatibility is not guaranteed.

  • Patch: a patch version change implies bugfixes which may change some results obtained in the previous version of the software. Features introduced in a patch release will not change any user procedure on the graphical user interface. Backward compatibility is fully supported, while forward compatibility is guaranteed for models and files but not for data which may require a re-evaluation.

  • Build: a build version change implies bugfixes which may solve issues which were present in previous versions, without any change in the final results. Their effects are then only limited to the not working features without any consequence on the rest of the software. New features can be introduced in a build version only if their use is optional in any pre-existent user procedure. Backward and forward compatibility are always guaranteed inside same major.minor.patch version.


The documentation embedded in the software is aligned with the software version itself.

The documentation versions for all Rulex Platform minor versions can be found in the online documentation.

In this section, users will find the changelogs for all the patches of the current Rulex Platform minor. One file for each patch is created.

In the changelog file, users will find:

  • New features

  • Changed features

  • Bug fixes

for any build published of the current patch.